The sentient races of Espias


Perhaps the most frequently encountered people, humans are rumored to be borne of Hawwa; the goddess of fertility. Many view humans poorly, as their numbers expand rapidly, and make a great impact upon whatever region it is in which they settle.


As with many races, the region in which their clans originally settled possesses a large impact upon the culture, traditions and physical appearances of the individual’s lineage.


The history of the Elves is the most extensive of all races, and believed to expand well into the mists of the genesis of Espias. The gods have granted them longevity, which has come at a price for some as with the more corrupt it has instilled a sense of entitlement, overbearing pride, and in severe cases a tyrannical world-view.


The elvish kingdoms are divided by individual race, rather than boundaries of terrain. These races are vastly different from one another, and highly evolved to suit the climate where the tribes of that race dwells.


The kingdom of the dwarves is one shrouded in mystery, as very few are permitted within the great walls within the belly of Stonehaven. Dwarven craftsmanship has no parallel, and goods or services from an artisan is highly sought after, and well worth the weight of the mountains in gold. The clans are tightly knit, and very seldom will a dwarf stray unless traveling – in which they almost always return home to Stonehaven eventually. It is believed that due to their seclusion within the mountains that they have developed an inane resistance to magic of arcane origin, some however associate this resistance to their great beards which are a symbol of their status.


A close relative to the dwarves, whom inhabit the same mountains, are the Nisse; also commonly referred to as petty-dwarves. They are an industrious people, and when they work together with the dwarves their inventions are always groundbreaking, individually however their creations can often tend towards the more disastrous. They are beardless.