Politics, Religion, and Magic Systems

Magic is an energy which encompasses the essence of all life; however, there are only a certain few who are born with the innate ability to manipulate these forces. A council of Archmagi, dubbed the Conclave, is comprised of five individuals with one representative from each race. They regulate all use of the arcane arts, and control the knowledgebase in which young magi learn to control their prowess. An Archmagi may remain a member of the Conclave for a period of time based upon the longevity of their race to eschew corruption.

Every school of the Arcane arts is interconnected somehow by a flow of energy, observable below:

Outside of the circle there are other classifications of magic that do not have the same strict regulations as the arcane, utilizing channeling as the medium. The most common example of this classification is Divine magics, of which these incantations are regulated largely by the individual churches of Espias. Rumor holds it that one may also be granted certain prowess by their deities, proof is not readily available to support this however.