The continent of Espias accommodates a variety of sentient creatures, ranging from the commonplace human, elf, and dwarf to the more sylphic species – many still unfamiliar to the academic community.

Espias’ lands are divided into eight kingdoms, four of which are predominantly human, two elven, one dwarven, and the last-  the central kingdom – belies a community comprised of all races and creeds. It is not unusual for one of the kingdoms to begin warring with another, though the kingdom of the dwarves deep within the belly of the mountains to the east almost always remains neutral.


 Seated upon the southern shoreline, the city of Linwynne’s populace consists largely of humans who survive by the means of fishing and nautical trade routes. The kingdoms architecture is constructed primarily of lumber, with very minimal masonry. The peoples who hail from Linwynne are said to be simple, hard-working individuals though they are known to conceive an abundance of the less than savory sort – the locale even sheltering a guild of corsairs.


Situated amongst the marshes of the southeastern lands, the peoples of Vertcastle dabble largely in the trade of slaves. The monarch of the kingdom is a Queen, who rules her peoples harshly whilst bringing forth destitution by waging unneeded, and often unjust wars with the neighboring kingdoms and settlements. Those whom remain under her rule typically have no other option, or are loyal to their death. It is more frequent for males to swear allegiance to the queen, than it is for females.


Built amongst the arid land to the west, Cliffmore’s buildings are constructed of sandstone, wherein the peoples survive upon the trade of gypsy caravans and the few plants which are able to be cultivated amongst the oases of the expanse … the kingdom itself comprised of settlements surrounding these sparse sanctuaries.


Amongst the tundra to the north there lay many small settlements which compose the kingdom of Millcliff. The peoples are often considered barbaric, and are known to primarily wear furs and leathers to keep warm in the harsh environment. Those of Millcliff are often instilled with the lessons of kill, or be killed to survive. The king resides within the central-most settlement, and serves the purpose of giving guidance to the clans who inhabit the various communities whilst settling disputes which bring forth civil war – a frequent occurrence.

Silvermoor Castle                                                                                                        

The central kingdom, the hub of trade, home of the academic institutions and the heart of the religious sanctums, Silvermoor stands the largest kingdom in both populace and range.


Home of the dwarves, and center of the finest craftsmanship known. The dwarves welcome most into their city, though with bounds as it is rare for a dwarf to trust a being who is not another dwarf. The affairs of Stonehaven belong to Stonehaven alone, and as much none but the dwarves dabble amongst their own politic – ignoring the other races’ problems or affairs lest they impede upon their own.


Composed of the Elven villages and settlements of the forests the inhabitants of Meadowbush often take unkindly to humans and dwarves alike, believing the races to bring undue destruction unto the land. Many elves, who do not share their ancestors beliefs, take leave of their home for Silvermoor castle – though some always retain the principals and ideals.


Built within the arid lands of the west, Woodmoor is constructed around a specific oasis, one of which humans are very rarely allowed to touch foot upon – the home of the sun elves, and high elves. The construction, though sandstone as the human settlements of the desert, is detailed with fine masonry work. The kingdom is known as a center of knowledge for the magi, and the only welcomed are the elven kind or those very gifted.