The Sun, Moon and Ether existed first. This was a balance of perfect harmony, until one day the masculine Moon and the feminine Sun birthed the realm from the Ether, and of it a plane of oceans arose. To give to their new land balance, the Sun and the Moon breathed life in to the creator; the first dwarf who bore unto the world of oceans new land upon which life could dwell. The creator then built the dwarves from the soil, and set into a deep, eternal slumber. The dwarves rejected the gifts of the Sun and Moon, and built their dwellings underground, out of the material from which they were hewn. Rejected, the Sun sought to create her own race so that she might watch them. These became eternal beings, comprised of the Ether, the High Elves… but in time they, too, would not worship the Sun.

Hoping to bring the High Elves to worship her, Sun created the heavens, where within the southern sky she created Ceres, who looked down upon Espias as a constellation that shone brightly in the night’s sky. Moon saw these new lights dancing in the sky, and the fertile green that Ceres bore unto the land. He realized there needed to balance, and thus in the northern sky Moon gave birth to Horlon. Horlon breathed a cold wind from the north, towards Ceres who resided in the south.

A great battle ensued between Horlon and Ceres. To the south their war bore the lush swamps, and to the north the frozen tundra, the landscape forever scarred. Their battles persisted, ever raging, and creating the seasons. Their never ending war in turn left the land to the west, where the high elves hailed, barren and hot.

Over the millennia the persistent war caused the elves to change, creating the four distinct species of elf. The elves came to shun the Sun and Moon rather than worship them. They began to instead worship the eldest, and most powerful of their own races, turning their backs upon those who had given them life.

Feeling Sun’s anguish, Moon birthed a new race – made of both the ether and the earth, thus creating the humans. For his new race, however, Moon chose to create mortality. To oversee life and death, and to ensure balance, Moon began to give rise to the pantheon. Each deity borne into the heavens watched upon Espias as the stars. These deities oversaw life, death, order, chaos, and as the humans grew, so did their pantheon.

To every deity Moon created, Sun created an equal and opposite deity. Once finally Sun and Moon felt there was balance they chose to join their consciousness and became dormant, forever entwined in a twisting cycle of day and night.